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ATF Gold Box Edition

  ATF Team launched a very special limited edition 5-Year Anniversary ATF GOLD BOX . ATF GOLD BOX Unique Visual Features: High quality gold-plated aluminum case (fingerprint proof) Double-coated white front and back panels (stain proof) Limited Edition white metallic sticker label ATF GOLD BOX Special Activations Included: 39 ATF JTAG Credits :...

ATF V3 - All in 1 Ultimate Adapter

  ATF-V2 - All-in-1 Ultimate Adapter For ATF Box This adapter supports JTAG / EMMC / ISP / MMC cards. ATF-V2 Unique Features: ON - Strong PULL-UP resistors will be applied to eMMC CMD (blue) and DATA (green) lines. This is very useful feature for phones that require VccQ and Vcc power connections (Samsung, HTC, etc.) OFF - PULL-UP resistors WILL NOT be used. This is...

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