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Micro-Box - 2 Year Support Activation

Micro-Box: 2 Years Support Activation  lets you prolong your box's support term. Micro-Box: 2 Years Support Activation All old MICRO-BOXes that are over 3 years will need to activate this support from July 1 st , 2013. All others old MICRO-BOXes (sold before April 24, 2013) will need to be activated after they reach 3 years. All new MICRO-BOXes that will be bought after...

DZD 6000
Micro-box Activation For Infinity-box / Best Dongle

Activate Micro-box on Infinity-box As everybody know, Micro-Box Team is one of the oldest and one of the most trusted team in GSM market. We are working day by day to give you more and more new solutions and possibilities to make money. As a really trusted team we have a close cooperation with other software vendors and here is one more example that not only users but also other Teams...

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