Sigma Pack 5 Activation

DZD 12000

Sigma Pack 5 Activation allows you to:

  1. Use Huawei secure data (certificate) files made by other Sigma smart cards
    • Huawei certificate files are intended for working with IMEI codes of Huawei phones.
    • Restore your phone's IMEI
    • Share your Huawei certificate files / Use shared Huawei certificate files
    • Copy the IMEI of Phone 1 and restore it to Phone 2 (in case the phone 1 is damaged)
    • Replace an old active mobile with the new one saving IMEI number
    • Backup and restore original IMEI(s) and network lock state
  2. Read firmware from device
    • Save the firmware from device with rare version/localization
    • Read firmware from one phone and write it to the other one
    • Users may share the firmware

Remove Huawei ID operation for P40 series costs 90 authorizations for those, who don’t have Pack 5 activation.
For Pack 5 owners this operation costs only 1 authorization.